A communications and engagement leader, I am expert in: Strategic communications and engagement consultancy, public relations advice and support, marketing and sales writing, proposal writing, editing, copywriting, social media and digital consultancy.


I bring stories to life to inspire change and compel action, helping clients connect with their customers using digital, social and traditional communication. For me, given my background as a writer, journalist, blogger and social media consultant, this always starts with using compelling content and stories to ignite and inspire. At Public-i, which I joined in 2010, I supported clients with online communication and engagement, particularly to inform strategy and practice. After working as a journalist in the UK and overseas for several years, I studied online journalism and joined consultancy firm, Podnosh, developing my social media skills and knowledge of online communities, blogging and digital production. Before that, I worked in Dubai - for Time Out GCC - and for the Ham&High, North London's best known and most loved local newspaper. Most recently, I led communication for NHS Citizen, NHS England’s programme to bring citizen voice to the heart of NHS decision making. As well as a passion for all I do at work, I'm an avid swimmer, and lover of sports. Most of all, though, I'm a writer. Crafting a good sentence and a well-formed argument are still what I love.


January 6, 2016

10 things journalists do that can really help first-time bloggers

When it comes to making the most of a story, the tips and tricks I picked up as a journalist

April 20, 2014

How many female film characters does it take to change a light bulb?

No, it’s not a joke. Or at least it might be, in the sense that women don’t get to change

April 12, 2014

How would famous artists have signed off their text messages?

My last post made me think about how great artists might approach the smiley face. They’d do a bit better than the

June 13, 2013

Networked Councillor: connecting with your councillor (or council) online

This morning I came into work with the intention of writing a blog post about Networked Councillor. The idea was

May 24, 2012

PCCs – and the new battle ground for local government

Over at Public-i, we’re interested in the developments leading up to the arrival of Police and Crime Commissioners later in

May 4, 2012

Building civil spaces online: Howard Rheingold

Last week I listened to a webinar interview with Howard Rheingold by the Pillar Summit’s Richard Millington . If I

February 21, 2012

Brighton’s first social media surgery

Last night I attended the first ever Brighton Social Media Surgery – a rather special if small event that marks

January 20, 2012

Map of allotments in Brighton and Hove

Here’s a map on Google Fusion tables that I did a wee while ago to show allotments in Brighton and

September 8, 2011

Adding to the Twitter map

I’ve realised that adding to the Twitter map for Brighton and Hove can be a bit of a pain, so

August 30, 2011

Creating a Twitter map for Brighton and Hove

Quite by accident I appear to have started a Twitter map for Brighton and Hove. Hove, actually. (Sorry, this is